The Law of Attraction: I Will Just Allow That Which I Have Created To Come Forth

I will just allow that which I have created to come forth.  Ask and it is given, that is the promise we have all been given.  That is the single best way to describe how this magnificent universe works.  The law of attraction is the basis of all that is and it works in conjunction with our source energy to create our desires. 

Now most of us think that once we ask for something or once we know what we want, that we then  have to make it happen for ourselves and so we move into massive action to make it happen.  This is just the hard way to go about things. If we think we have to make things happen, we are making our lives so much harder that it need be. You see, whenever anyone of us asks for something,  a new mate,  more money, better health, it is always given. That which we have asked for is literally created and the only thing left to do is to allow it to come forth.

What in heavens name does that mean, we have to allow it to come forth, you ask?  Well let me explain.  The third step in the manifestation process or the process of something coming into our reality is getting into a state of allowing so that it can manifest easily and effortlessly.   So for example,  lets use the mate example. If I am wanting a new mate,  the universe has said, absolutely, he is here for you waiting for you to allow him in. 

Well how do I do that, I ask?  Well allowing means to relax,  to chill out  and trust more.  If we truly believe we are worthy of something and if we truly believe we are deserving and if we truly believe that when we ask, it is always given then it is easy to chill.  We can just go on with life as if “he” has arrived because he has.  I am not worried about it, I am enjoying the process of its becoming. 

It is kind of like being a sculptor,  we have a slab of clay in front of us and now our job is just to allow the sculpture to take shape as we trust the process of creation.  It is such a wonderful thing when we truly understand that we can give up so many of our actions that truly demonstrate that we do not believe, that we have to earn our way to this creation, or we have to achieve it somehow with hard work.  It is not like this at all.

When someone expects things to come forth,  and allows things to come forth, there is a relaxing into the entire process. There is such a deep knowing around all things that you can allow the law of attraction to take over. It is our manager so to speak.  We do not have to figure out how it will come forth, that is not our job. Our job is only to trust that it is coming and to relax as we listen for the call of source to guide us.

Trust me on this, if you truly are in tune with your desire, you will know when to act and when to just be. The call to action will feel so inspiring, it will not seem like work, it will just seem like the next logical step.  This is our gift from the universe and this is a call to place all of our faith in our manager, the law of attraction. It will take care of everything and it will let us know all the details if we are listening.

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