The Law of Attraction: When We Appreciate, We Offer No Resistance

The law of attraction is responding to our vibration or our emotional frequency.  What that means is whatever emotion we spend most of our time in,  we will receive the emotional equivalent of  that into our experience.  So if we are a worry wart and tend to worry about this and that a lot,  then the universe via law of attraction will bring us more things to worry about. 

So we want to be very aware of our emotions on a regular basis.  All of us want to be healthy, financial secure and have wonderful relationships, these are natural desires.  And each of these things is not only possible, it is our birthright.  If we do not have these in our lives right now, it means one thing and one thing only.  We are not allowing this well-being to flow through us. 

The high feeling emotions like love,  joy, and enthusiasm are our natural state of being.  When we feel bad, that is our inner being letting us know that the thoughts we are thinking are not accurate. These thoughts are not what our inner being thinks at all.  It is like a stop sign saying “stop, rethink this so that you can feel better or feel more truthfully.”

Now when we are appreciating the things in our lives,  we are in the vibrational state equivalent to love, joy and enthusiasm.  Appreciation is a delicious place to rest.  This is a state that our inner being is in a constant state of.  What do I have to appreciate you might say.  Well lets say at the moment,  things are not so good for y.ou  You have a lot of things happening that do not feel very good.  Heres what you want to do.

Sit quietly and begin to think of even the smallest things to appreciate,  it could be a beautiful object or a flower or an old friend or the river in your town or a tree. It does not matter what it is but guide yourself into a state of true appreciation for whatever you have come up with.  So lets say it is a flower that you have in mind.  So bring this flower up into your mind and begin to swoon over it.  Bask in the deliciousness of its colors and its shape and its beauty.  And milk that thought for everything you can. 

When you do this you literally move your entire being into a state of allowing. This gives you practice at the feeling level of allowing well-being to come forth.  And the more you practice this, the more things will come into your experience that are the emotional equivalent of this.  In other words those things you have been waiting for must and will come to you quickly and easily.  It is law.  Enjoy this exercise,  it is so much fun getting good at this.

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